Smart Policies and Practices for Shared Prosperity

Food Quality and Safety Enhancement of Agricultural Products

The objective of the project was to assist the Government in formulating a detailed investment proposal to improve quality and safety of agriculture and agro-based products. The outcome was a detailed investment project proposal agreed with the Government and other key stakeholders for improving quality and safety of agricultural products to remove/reduce bottlenecks blocking agri-business development. The aim for the project was to strengthen the complementarily between agricultural private sector operations and public sector operations.


Viet Nam

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Asian Development Bank

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Description of actual services provided in the assignment

ACI identified and reviewed the environmental, health and social impact of weaknesses in the design and implementation of current food safety regulations and institutional arrangements, including an assessment of the relative impacts on the poor, children, women, and ethnic minorities. ACI assessed the magnitude and distribution of potential social benefits from proposed project interventions aimed at improving food safety and other project activities according to ADB environmental and social safeguards.