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Preparation of a Strategic Plan for the Cocoa Sector in Papua New Guinea

The project was intended provide strategic directions to guide the choices that the industry and PNG government will have to make to overcome the Cocoa Pod Borer (CPB) crisis and embark upon a sustainable development path. The report is the outcome of a team of consultants and experts funded by Mars, Incorporated and led by Agrifood Consulting International. The consultant team conducted a mission to PNG between February 19 and March 5, 2009 and med with various stakeholders in Port Moresby, ENBP, and ABR.

The consultancy is part of the efforts led by the World Bank in the preparation of the Papua New Guinea Productive Partnership in Agriculture  (PPAP) that aims at increasing smallholder agricultural productivity, quality and market access with a view to improving smallholders’ incomes and the sustainability of the cocoa and coffee sectors in PNG. 


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Description of actual services provided in the assignment

The report by Agrifood Consulting International builds upon the Cocoa Strategic Plan 2008/09 – 2017/18 (CSP) prepared by the Cocoa Board in November 2008 and proposes a new approach and operationalization of the plan. In collaboration with key stakeholders Agrifood Consulting International prepared a detailed, costed and time-bound cocoa development strategic plan, which will form a basis for the design of activities under the proposed PPAP.