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Emergency Food Assistance Project (EFAP)

The specific objectives were:

  1. To assess the current food security monitoring, analysis and response systems and identify options for improvement;
  2. To assess the Royal Government of Cambodia's (RGC) Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition 2008-2012, and a specific evaluation of RGC policies with regard to impacts on food security;
  3. To assess the options for strategic food reserves;
  4. To identify best options for targeting and implementing food security and nutrition assistance interventions;
  5. To design a comprehensive food and nutrition security monitoring and response system and
  6. To build capacity of the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) and Provincial Committee for Disaster Management (PCDM) in the  Provinces to respond to food crisis. 



Start Date



Asian Development Bank

End Date


Description of actual services provided in the assignment

ACI managed the implementation of the project, provided team leadership, and ensured quality of consultant’s output. It organized survey of agro storage and institutional assessment of Committees of Disaster Management, designs an efficient system of food emergency response, strengthens capacity of relevant institutions, organized study tours to Bangladesh and Viet Nam, and national workshops to obtain stakeholder feedback. It coordinated with other institutions for the establishment of a food and nutrition monitoring system, early warning system, and identification of target groups in case of emergencies. It provided policy analysis of alternative options for food reserves including participation of private sector storage. It provided capacity building for the monitoring of food security and nutrition strategy and in institutional design of early warning system, including meteorological data, flood and storm assessment, food prices, epidemics such as HPAI, and health indicators.